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Therapeutic Massage

An Ancient Art and Science

You are unique, so your session is tailored to you. I use my training and years of experience to choose which massage techniques will benefit you the most. This is not a "cookie-cutter" experience.

Note: Massage does not have to hurt to be beneficial. People often ask for deep-tissue massage, which has different definitions depending on who you talk to. The assumption is "no pain, no gain." This is completely false. Much gain can be achieved without pain.

Think about it:  what is your natural reaction when something hurts?  Most people tense up against the pain.  This is counter-productive to the goal of getting your muscles to relax.  While there may be some discomfort when the therapist is working on a problem area, it's temporary and always within your tolerance. In the day or two following a massage, you may occasionally be a little stiff or sore; this will pass. If you inform me, I can adjust the next session to mitigate that effect.

Deep tissue massage?  Sometimes. I use the pressure that is required to achieve our agreed-upon goals for the session.  This ranges from firm pressure to light touch, depending on what is needed. By working within your body's tolerances, the session can be therapeutic AND!

Swedish Massage
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